Friday, 16 November 2012

Visit to the project on the Nature Conservation National Day

It was celebrated last Saturday, July 28th, the Nature Conservation National Day. All over the country it were organized activities to celebrate this important date that values and highlights our natural heritage and the importance of its conservation.

Through Life Sustainable Laurel Forest Project and included on the program Ciência Viva, SPEA celebrated this day by organizing an activity entitled "Get to know a conservation project."

 This activity led participants to visit the conservation work undertaken more recently in the SPA Pico da Vara, to rescue the Azores Bullfinch, the Azores Laurel Forest and the peatbogs.

All participants got to know better Graminhais Plateau, where we are developing the work to restore the peatlands. Apart from this, they also visited Serra da Tronqueira, where the Life Sustainable Laurel Forest Project develops most of its conservation work on the Laurel Forest and the main habitat for the Azores Bullfinch.

There was still time to visit the Priolo’s Environmental Center where everyone had the opportunity to visit the exhibition present in this center and receive some explanations about the work done in SPA Pico da Vara / Ribeira do Guilherme.

This type of activity aims not only to enlighten people about the work done by SPEA and its partners for the nature conservation, but also the importance of this important natural heritage for survival and better quality of life of the populations.

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