Friday, 16 November 2012

The Priolo and the Azorean Blueberry

In the last few days whoever visits Serra da Tronqueira had the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful landscapes of this region, but also to see the natural forest in all its splendor. In the areas recovered over the past years, the Azorean Holly, the Lily of the Valley Tree and the Azorean Blueberry are growing and developing very well.

A clear example is the Azorean Blueberry who in the areas that are no longer endangered by the exotic species, such as ginger Lily or the Australian Cheesewood, shows a fast growth and large fruit quantities that in only a few weeks will ripen and give a new color to these plants.

Who doesn’t want to wait any longer are the Priolos! Even with the ripe berries it’s been frequent to see birds feeding from the Azorean Blueberry! And we can already start seeing the first  Priolo juveniles from this year. Look out for the Priolos with brown head.

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