Friday, 16 November 2012

The activity “Get to Know the Peatbogs” took 12 people to Graminhais

On the August 18th, SPEA, through the Life Sustainable Laurel Forest Project and the Ciência Viva program, organized the activity “Get to know the Peatbogs”, with the intention of showing the work done to recover the peatbogs, developed by the Life Laurel Forest in the Planalto dos Graminhais, and the importance of this natural habitat to the populations.

The tour started at 9.30am in Ribeira dos Caldeirões, Achada, following to the Graminhais Plateau. The tour begun with a little rain, but ever it got quite pleasant allowing all the participants to enjoy properly the involving environment.

To starters, SPEA’s technician responsible for the work developed in Graminhais, Rui Botelho, give a little introduction about the importance of preserving this habitat, on what concerns to its value as a natural habitat, but also as a drinking water resource.

It was interesting to understand that most visitants didn’t know that this natural habitat, the peatbogs, existed in Azores and that they contribute in an active way to our well being.

The visitants had also the opportunity to get to know some natural vegetation from this area, but besides that, they also encountered some exotic species that are a threat to this habitat.

 Chilean Rhubarb (exotic species)

The tour ended it was past 1.30pm and all the participants were very satisfied not only with the work done until that moment in that area, but also with everything they learned.

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