Monday, 28 January 2013

Pauleta visited the Life Sustainable Laurel Forest Project and supports Crowdfunding campaign

This morning the former-advanced from the national soccer team, and ambassador of the Tourism of the Azores, visited the project that aims to protect the Priolo, one of the most threatened birds in Europe. With this visit Pedro Pauleta formally supports the international campaign of crowdfunding that is taking place and pointing out the enormous urgency in keeping one of the biggest efforts of conservation of biodiversity in the country. 

The visit started in the Priolo's Enveronmental Center (CAP), in the Forest and recreation Park of Cancela do Cinzeiro in the Pedreira, Nordeste, where Pauleta had the chance of fraternizing with over 50 students from the school of São Vicente Ferreira, municipality of Ponta Delgada, whom were participating on several activities with the help of SPEA's technicians in the CAP.

Due to the bad weather it was not possible to visit the project areas, however, Pauleta visited the project's greenhouse in Lomba do Loução having there the chance to get to know most of the Projects team. In addition to that, Pedro Pauleta had time to plant an endemic plant produced in the project's greenhouse, accompanied by the field team of the Life Laurel Forest and a group of students from the Basic and Secondary School of Povoação that were participating in a volunteer action in the Project's greenhouse.

We want to thank the presence of Pedro Pauleta and the interest and support demonstrated during this visit. Soon we hope to carry out activities with the Pauleta's Foundation.

Help save the Priolo! Visit the page of the campaign and contribute.

Crowdfunding Campaign HERE  

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The 16ª Executive meeting of the Life Sustainable Laurel Forest visits Mata dos Bispos

The 16ª Executive meeting of the Life Sustainable Laurel Forest took place on the January 17th of 2013.

During the morning the project partners had the chance to visit one of the areas that started to be interventioned recently, Mata dos Bispos. This is an area of average altitude where can still be found some spots of the Natural Forest, the Laurel Forest, being however invaded by exotic species.

After lunch the Meeting took place, where it were discussed the works that needed to be done until June, that is when the Life Sustainable Laurel Forest Project come to an end.