Friday, 25 May 2012

RTP Açores TV News with the report of the VIII Azorian Bullfinch Days

It came out on 29th of April, on the TV news of RTP Açores the report about the VIII Azorian Bullfinch Days that took place in Povoação.

You can watch this video and many others in the Sustainable Laurel Life Project channel on Youtube:

Watch the Report HERE

SPEA participated in the I Health Fair in Furnas

SPEA, through the Sustainable Laurel Life Project participated on may 3rd in the I Health Fair, this time in the Escola 1,2,3/JI of Furnas.

Just like it happened in Povoação, participated at this Fair the local Health Center, GNR, PSP, SPEA, ARRISCA and the Comission for the protection of Children and Young People from Povoação.

During all morning the school students participated in several activities such as exhibitions, weight screenings, food counseling and several games.

The Sustainable Laurel Life Project took several types of plants that are part of the Azorian Laurel Forest, allowing hundreds of children and adults, that stopped by SPEA’s stand, to get to know up close these important plants, as well as the work developed by this project in the Municipalitys of Povoação and Nordeste.

Once again the telescope and the binoculars made the delight of the children.

VIII Azorian Bullfinch Days in Povoação were a success

On April 27th and 28th it took the VIII Azorian Bullfinch Days in the Municipal Auditorium of Povoação.

The Society for the Study of Birds (SPEA), through the Priolo’s Environmental Center and within the Sustainable Laurel Life Project, in partnership with the Escola Básica e Secundária of Povoação and the Escola Profissional da Povoação, organized the VIII Azorian Bullfinch Days. This event had also the objective of celebrating the 20th anniversary of the European Commission Life Program, that had contributed to a great extend to the conservation of the Azorian Biodiversity. 

This year, the Azorian Bullfinch Days took place, once again, in Povoação township, Council where the Sustainable Laurel Life Project is situated, project that comes to an end in the end of the year and that has developed important work on what concerns to the conservation, recovery and sustainability of the natural habitats on the east cost of São Miguel’s island.

Therefore, this event had as a main purpose to help acknowledging the Azorian biodiversity, the conservation work developed by the different entities on the eastern zone of the São Miguel Natural Island Park and the strategies to reach the sustainability of the natural areas and the people that lives nearby.  

These Azorian Bullfinch Days had great adhesion by the school community of Povoação and also from Nordeste, with the participation of several classes from Escola Básica e Secundária da Povoação, Escola Profissional da Povoação and Escola Profissional do Nordeste, in a total of 240 people among students, teachers and other people interested in the subject.

It were presented different subjects, namely about some species of native Azorian plants, the diversity of arthropods from Azores, the work developed in Furnas Lake, the possibilities of the active tourism, the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, among others.

One of the main focus of this event was the work developed in the recovery of the Azorian Laurel Forest and the peatbogs in Planalto dos Graminhais, which are directly related to the Azorian Bullfinch and that raised curiosity by those attending the event.

This year and as an innovation, the Azorian Bullfinch Days programme extended until Saturday with a guided tour to some of the intervention places from the Sustainable Laurel Life Project, opened to everyone freely. 

During the week from April 23th to the 28th was opened to the public in the Municipal Auditorium of Povoação the exhibition “ With Bones in your hands”, which allowed the public to get to know better the birds existing in Azores and the importance of their bones to the birds study. This exhibition was visited for more than 260 visitors.

"One Forest, one future" in Maia with many visitors

The Museu do Tabaco da Maia, in São Miguel, received from April 16th until the 20th the exhibition "One Forest, one future", developed within the Sustainable Laurel Life Project.

The intention of this exhibition is that everyone can get to know better the plants that belong to the azorian Laurel Forest and learn a little bit more about the Azorian Bullfinch. Besides, it is also possible to understand the preservation work that has been done by the Sustainable Laurel Life Project on the Laurel Forest and the Peatbogs in Planalto dos Graminhais, in SPA Pico da Vara/Ribeira do Guilherme and the SIC Serra da Tronqueira/Planalto dos Graminhais.

“One Forest, one future” was exhibited in the Museu do Tabaco da Maia for 9 days and was visited by over 250 people, among students from the Council Schools and tourist excursions that stopped by specifically to see this exhibition.

On April 20th, Spea’s Technician Azucena de la Cruz was in Maia to explain to everyone that was visiting the exhibition the work developed by the Sustainable Laurel Life Project on the SPA Pico da Vara/Ribeira do Guilherme and they had the opportunity to watch the video made during the Life Priolo Project: “The last Azores Bulfinches”, which helps demonstrating the Laurel Forest importance to the survival of this São Miguel’s endemic bird.

This was another successful initiative that had the support of Museu do Tabaco da Maia that organized all the exhibition visits.