Friday, 16 November 2012

Graminhais visited by Scouts of Ponta Delgada

On wednesday, 1st of August, the Plateau of Graminhais was visited by members of the Grouping No. 80 of Scouts of Ponta Delgada. This group came to learn about the restoration work on the peatbogs of Graminhais Plateau, and besides that they had the opportunity to help, throughout a voluntary action.

Before starting the work, the group heard a brief explanation given by the SPEA’s technician responsible for the work in this area, Rui Botelho. They got to know a little bit more about this still little-known habitat, typical vegetation of these habitats, the threats to which they are subject and its importance as a water reserve, as well as the work being undertaken towards its recovery.

After that they started working by collection tufts (Sphagnum spp.), structural species of this type of habitats, and its inoculation in some water basins constructed along the rail.

It was also carried out some native plants plantation in two areas of the Plateau of Graminhais, in a total of 125 plants of the following species: Azorean blueberry,  Common Heath and Azorean Juniper. The level of rain and humidity in Graminhais throughout the year allows plantation in this time of the year. Of course the choice of sites is critical to the success of these actions.

After a day well spent, in which  the sun showed the air of his grace, it was promised that these scouts would return to Graminhais, this time with more Scouts to assist and learn a bit more about this important habitat.

We are waiting for you! See you soon and thank you!

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