Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Volunteer day in the Peatbogs of Graminhais

On the 5th of May, SPEA carried out a volunteer work, included on the activities of the Sustainable Laurel Life Project, for the protection of the Peatbogs of Planalto dos Graminhais.

The accession to this initiative was very positive having exhausted all 15 vacancies available to the activity. Not even the adverse climacteric conditions on that Saturday kept the volunteers away!

So, since for the majority of the participants this was the first time they would be in contact with this natural habitat, in the beginning it was given a small explanation about the characteristics of the peatbogs and about their importance, not only on the ecologic level, but also their importance on the water storage and quality.

Next, work had begun by forming two teams, one responsible for the construction of dykes with plastic sheets in the light of closing down a drainage ditch, this team set up exclusively with girls demonstrated great enthusiasm   and their efforts were rewarded with the almost immediate water retention by the dyke after his conclusion.

The second team was responsible by the installation of sphagnum bags (affectionately baptized by the team has hamburgers) in a basin build last summer and that has been retaining a great amount of water, this way creating conditions to buildup a new peatbog area, work done with great success by all the intervenient.

In the middle of the day it was made the well deserved break for lunch and not even the intense fog and some wind prevented the good mood. After lunch the teams swapped so that everyone could try the different recovery actions in the peatbogs.

Around 3p.m the climacteric conditions aggravated and the rain made us finish this activity, with a very positive outcome of two dykes constructed and the installation of 50 bags of Sphagnum that covered the basin that was being intervened.

Without a doubt an initiative to repeat!

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