Friday, 17 August 2012

The Biodiversity Weekend filled with activities

It took place on the weekend of 2 and 3 of july, the Biodiversity Weekend on the Forest and Recreation Reservation of Cancela do Cinzeiro in Pedreira, Nordeste. This event is a joint organization of SPEA, Regional Direction of the Forestry Resource and the São Miguel Natural Island Park, celebrated the International Biodiversity Day (May 22nd) and the European Day of the Natural Parks (May 24th).

With a the most varied activities planned to all ages, to do in family or alone, enjoying the contact with nature in a healthy way and with the minimal inpact. The Saturday started out with a walk to Pico da Vara. Despite the weather that was very foggy, the participants were satisfied with the experience promising to repeat it! On that same day it took place a information session about the São Miguel Natural Island Park in Priolo’s Environmental Center.

Throughout the day, people that visited the Forest Reservation of Pedreira ha the opportunity to walk across the Park on horse drawn carriage rides, an unique experience that allowed them to get know better that parquet. The day ended with some volleyball games of great level!

On Sunday, it took place in Serra da Tronqueira a horse ride, in which participated 17 riders from Equiaçores and the Associação Equestre de São Miguel. This ride took 2h30 and all the participants were very satisfied with it and with an enormous willingness to repeated it, with better meteorological conditions, since that was the first time that they did some like that in the Lands of Priolo.

It also took place a Orientation session promoted by the Orientation Club of São Miguel, followed by a sprint race of orientation in the Forest and Recreation Reservation of Cancela do Cinzeiro. The day ended with a barbecue with all those present, where in the end everyone singed happy birthday to Priolo’s Environmental Center 5th anniversary, and there even had cake!

Besides these activities, it took place on both day horse drawn carriage rides, guided visits to the Priolo’s Environmental Center and the Discovering the Laurel Forest in the endemic park, traditional games, minigolf, wall climbing, among other things.

This was another Biodiversity Weekend filled with nature activities! See you next year!

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