Friday, 17 August 2012

Sustainable Laurel Life Project receives two new trainees

The Sustainable Laurel Life Project received on May 7th of 2012 two new trainees. Jokin Gaona and Ana Jimenez will stay on the project, in São Miguel’s island, until July 30th.

Jokin is 26 years old and he’s from the Basque Country where he studies Organization and Management of the Natural Resources and Landscape in the in the Fraisoro Vocational School, in Zizurkil. Ana Jimenez is 30 years old and she’s from Madrid, however she’s studying in the Basque Country, being classmates with Jokin.

Both are part of the Sustainable Laurel Life Project where they provide support on the conservation actions on the peatbogs and in the endemic greenhouse.

SPEA welcomes these two new team members and wishes them a pleasant stay and a good work in São Miguel.

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