Thursday, 23 August 2012

Students from the school of Povoação visited the greenhouse

The Sustainable Laurel Life Project is collaborating with a class from the Primary and Secondary School of Povoação in a short term project. Every month this class visits the Sustainable Laurel Life Project’s greenhouse, in order for them to do some volunteer work in the plants nursery.

Always very curious and hardworking, these students have been doing maintenance work in the greenhouse, where they do some work like take out of the vases or boxes the weeds so the plants can germinate.
Besides that, they collaborate in some pricking-out, in other words, to put small plants in definitive vases or boxes, a very important work to the plants production.

With great enthusiasm and commitment the volunteer students usually want to know more and question how all the work is done in the greenhouse, from the sowing to the plantation.
Therefore, I hope to see them committed every month and with a lot of energy.

Come and visit our greenhouse and learn a little bit more about the plants from the natural Azorean Forest. Contact: Filipe Figueiredo 918 536 022

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