Tuesday, 14 August 2012

“The Water Route” returned once again to the Ribeira dos Caldeirões

The partnership between the Primary and Secondary Eco-School of Nordeste and the Priolo’s Environmental Center promoted, once again this year, the activity “The Water Route in Nordeste” with three 5th year classes, in a total of 66 students. This activity is supposed to explain to the students the water cycle and how this water is collected and conducted to our homes, so that it is available when we open the tap. This event consists of three sessions.

In the first one the students did educational experiments in the school labs that helped them understand the natural water cycle, the importance of the vegetation to avoid soil erosion, ensuring the infiltration and the properties of the water.

In the second session, the students went on a field trip to different points of the course of the Ribeira dos Caldeirões in Achada. The first location that was visited was the peatbogs in Planalto dos Graminhais, an habitat of great importance not only to the great amount of water retention but also to her purification. Being this a fundamental resource to life, this habitat has a high conservation level. Here the  students could see the results of the conservation work on the Peatbogs made by the Sustainable Laurel Life Project, coordinated by SPEA.

Throughout this visit they travelled to a nascent and to the water reservoirs of Achada (Nordeste) where everyone understood their importance to the water supply to the population. The visit from the classes of 5th A and 5th B ended in the park of Ribeira dos Caldeirões where, besides a well deserved picnic, every youngster could identify some of the other uses that water has, like the water mill, in the old days used to maize the corn, the production of electricity, among others.

On the may 3rd, the 5th C class continued the activity by cleaning the garbage on the mouth of the Ribeira do Caldeirões. The collected garbage was dumped in the sanitary landfill of Nordeste, where the students could also learn how to do the correct disposal of garbage. Everyone understood the importance of reuse packages and reduce the amount of garbage that we all are producing in the expectation of a cleaner future.  

The Priolo’s Environmental Center thanks the participation of the Primary and Secondary of Nordeste, the Nordeste’s Health Center, the company “Nordeste Ativo” and the technicians from the Sanitary Landfill of Nordeste.

These kinds of activities are essential on the environmental education in the youngsters.
We hope to make an increased effort to do so.

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