Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A weekend with the Environmental Center of Priolo

This weekend, the Environmental Center of Priolo received special visitors: a group of Scouts of 720 - Nordeste, and a very nice family!

It was planned to plant endemic species, but the rainy and windy weather did not permit this activity. However, the scouts always cheerful and energetic, visited the nursery of Povoação, where they got to know all the work that is done there and the importance of young seedlings to reforest the areas of intervention of the project LIFE Sustainable Laurel. The couple accompanied us with their four wonderful children, where there was a nice baby who distributed sincere smiles all around.

Later, the scouts were back at the Environmental Center of Priolo, where they camped for the night, but not before playing in the middle of many games, animation and positive energy, with the Heads Natália Abreu, Carmelia Medeiros, Diana Adams Luis Pacheco and Caminheiros Mónica Botelho Claudia Medeiros.

Thank you to all Lobitos and Exploradores, Caminheiros, their Heads and the Dias family for joining us in one more activity conducted by the Environmental Centre of Priolo!

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