Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Vidália, symbol of the Azores, is germinating at the plant nursery...

Some seeds of Azorina vidalii were collected in Lombo Gordo, in the municipality of Nordeste, in November 2010, and are now germinating at the plant nursery. Today they are giving rise to about 500 seedlings. These plants will be planted in areas of low altitude, hoping that in future they can be used in gardens or open spaces where they can be seen and appreciated by people.

The Azorina vidalii, known locally as Vidália, is a plant endemic to the Azores and is distributed throughout the islands of the archipelago. This species is most easily seen growing on coastal cliffs and in areas of basaltic rock heavily exposed to the sea. It is the only endemic genus in the Azores and one of the most beautiful species, which is why it is considered a symbol of endemic flora of the archipelago.

The Vidalia is a small shrub growth that reaches up to 100 cm tall, consisting of stems slightly pink, with flowers campanulate, usually a light pink to white. Their flowering occurs between August and October, but can occur in June in drier and sunny areas. It is protected by the Berne Convention and the European Union Habitats Directive.

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  1. Há imensas por aqui na costa Norte...em grande abundância na descida para a praia do Lombo Gordo
    Cumprimentos, Sá Couto