Monday, 21 March 2011

We celebrated Arbor Day!

We celebrated Arbor Day along with the students of the School Domingos Rebelo!

The Arbor Day, March 21th was marked with the planting of more than 1,000 endemic plants (Heaths and Fire trees) by 75 students from the School Domingos Rebelo, in the area of Pico Vereda, also known as Labaçal.

Here it was possible for the students to get to know all the work already done by the Project LIFE Sustainable Laurel, that includes the removal of exotic and invasive species for the planting of endemic plants.

Students could not fail to visit the greenhouse of Povoação, where endemic plants are produced, without which the reforestation of areas intervened it would not be possible.

It was an excellent day where many endemics where planted, and where the Project grew a little bit more, thanks to all participants. Thank You!

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