Monday, 14 March 2011

Training in EBI school of Maia

Taking advantage of the free class days of the carnival , the teachers of EBI school of Maia got a training, in which they had the opportunity to learn more about the biodiversity of the Azores, while acquiring tools to explore these themes in the classroom with the students.

On Thursday 10th of March, the session was titled 'The Priolo and its habitat", focusing on the work of the educational kit created under the Project LIFE Priolo and the development of working methods in the theme of biodiversity and conservation.

To continue this training, on Friday their knowledge about fauna and flora as elements of the laurel forest of the Azores was deepened, namely the unique avifauna found here, the species of endemic flora and the main threat to this habitat, which are the invasive alien species.

It is very important that this type of action takes place, since preservation and conservation depends on every people and begins with the little ones, not only at home but at school, where teachers play a key role. Thus, we can only hope that teachers who participated ensured the best training, and while they have become so passionate about the Azorean biodiversity as we are.

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