Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Installation of mechanical fans at the greenhouse of Povoação

During 2010 we noted that in the warmer months, the temperature of the greenhouse of Povoação reached values ​​of very high temperature (40 ºC), that were harmful to some plants. In fact, there were some losses, including in fire-tree (Myrica faya), which lead to the installation of fans.

The fans' main function reduce heat and increase air circulation in the greenhouse, allowing the temperature on hot days to download to a constant 20 ºC. We installed two fans (one in each tunnel of the greenhouse), and the temperature of each can be adjustable (5 ° C at 5 º C).

The fans sense the temperature of the greenhouse and will automatically come into operation whenever the preset optimal temperature is exceeded. Along with the shade, fans allow the greenhouse to maintain an optimal temperature throughout the day, which is fundamental for its proper functioning and well-being of the plants.

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