Monday, 21 November 2011

We were collecting Seeds!

In the past Saturday, November 12th the Society for the Study of Birds (SPEA), organized another volunteering activity for the conservation of the Laurel Forest, with the collection of seeds of Azorean holly and Laurustinus. This activity was attended by 21 participants.

The weather conditions were not the best in the Pico Bartholomeu and after a while the seed collecting had to be terminated.

However, alternatively the volunteers were able to visit the Environmental Center of Priolo, essential place to know more about this iconic bird and its habitat, and there was still time to visit the
Endemic Garden also in the Recreational Forestry Reserve of Cancela do Cinzeiro in Nordeste. The participants also attended the plant nursery of Project Life Sustainable Laurel located in Povoação where they had the opportunity to get to know all the work in the production of native and endemic plants, from seed to plant, which are then used to fill the intervened project areas.

We leave our thanks to all participants who contributed to this noble cause, the recovery and conservation of Azorean Natural Forest.

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