Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Monitoring the squares of vegetation

Since August the team of the Sustainable Laurel project goes to visit various locations in the Special Protection Area Pico da Vara / Ribeira do Guilherme: Malhada, Pico Bartolomeu, Labaçal / Pico da Vereda, Mata dos Bispos, Miradouro da Tronqueira and Trilhos Novos (Tronqueira).

These visits have no recreational purpose, on the contrary, have the intention to verify and count the existing vegetation in the monitoring squares in different locations, that show the annual evolution of the Laurel Forest.

In total about 110 squares were monitored, with positive results in terms of evolution in the Laurel Forest where actions were taken to control exotic invasive plants.

An exact and exhausting work that Alberto Borges portrayed in photographs.

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