Friday, 25 November 2011

Conservation tactics on SPA Pico da Vara / Ribeira do Guilherme

On November 24, the youth of the Sports Union of Nordeste decided to visit the Environmental Center of Priolo, before their weekly training, to relax and learn more about the natural heritage that surrounds them.

This visit lasted an hour where they learned the correct tactics leading to victory concerning the preservation and conservation of Priolo and the Laurel forest in particular and of biodiversity in general.

During the lecture the players realized that to win this league you need the greatest care not to let get away the invasive species such as the Yellow ginger lilly, Australian cheesewood or Lilly of the valley tree as this may dictate the defeat, but instead attack in support with native and endemic species such as Azorean blue berry, azorean cedar and azorean holly. Using the open spaces that the opponents, the invasive species, leave is the perfect tactic to come out winners, and in the end everyone realized that this is a difficult but possible league to win if you have everyone's support.

After a difficult league, nothing like drinking and cool off with a healthy water; that's where our friends come, the Turfs of the Planalto dos Graminhais that allow the existence of water throughout the year in this municipality, which are also in need of conservation actions as they were being degradated due to human activities such as grazing.

In the end, we hope that these young athletes went with the tactics well studied!

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