Monday, 21 November 2011

This past Friday, November 18th the Environmental Center of Priolo participated in the V Journeys of Infancy that took place at Teatro Ribeiragrandense, attended by about 130 kindergarten teachers, teachers of the 1st cycle, educational helpers, cultural animators, nannies and further 70 students of the Professional and Secondary Schools of Ribeira Grande. These Journeys were organized by the Center of Social Support and Shelter - C.A.S.A under the theme Learning is Investigating.

André Batista, coordinator of the Environmental Center of Priolo announced a presentation entitled 'Conservation of natural habitats in the Regional Education' which stressed the importance of natural biodiversity of Azores in the Regional Education and the importance that such knowledge has for its conservation and preservation. Most of all intended to demonstrate that scientific concepts, knowledge and values ​​can be transmitted in clear simple and concrete language, suitable for all levels of education and skills through educational and recreational activities and environmental education projects. He also stressed the importance of the Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds (SPEA) through the Environmental Center of Priolo under the project Life Sustainable Laurel in the education and awareness for the conservation of biodiversity in the Azores.

Among the speeches there was still time for brief experiments, carried out by the "Fun Science".

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