Thursday, 1 September 2011

Weekend of Forests and Biodiversity

SPEA / Environmental Center of Priolo (CAP), the project Life Sustainable Laurel and the Regional Direction of Forests celebrated for the second consecutive year the Weekend of Forests and Biodiversity. About 80 people were present at the Recreational Forest Reserve of Cancela do Cinzeiro, whom could enjoy the activities planned, including a trip to Pico da Vara, mountain biking, "Discovering the Laurel", slide, mini-golf , geocaching and volleyball, and other activities.

On Sunday, the participants were also invited to sing happy birthday to the CAP, which celebrated its fourth anniversary with cake and champagne. The organization also had the support of the Regional Direction for Youth, Be Different Youth Association of Nordeste and Association of Social Intervention and Cultural Economic Development and the Azores.

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