Friday, 9 September 2011

Priolo and the Laurel Forest in Wales

Yesterday, the project received a different visit. The whole day, a film crew of Aden passed through Tronqueira Mountains to film for a new TV series produced for the channels of Wales. Specialized in documentaries, nature and wildlife, this team has extensive experience in this kind of productions, having already made various programs for BBC.
This opportunity came about through a meeting held in the BIRDFAIR of 2010 where SPEA was present to represent the Azores and the Algarve.

Being the main attraction the Priolo (Azores bullfinch), much of the day was spent shooting this endemic bird. Given the favorable present time of the year it was possible to observe and record many juveniles while the adults flew more discreet.

But not only Priolo got the attention. The Laurel Forest, natural vegetation of Azores and habitat of Priolo, was captured by the cameras as it is also an ancient and almost extinct treasure in these Mountains. The film crew got to know the threats to its conservation and the work of recent years done to recover this rich natural heritage. The main threat to the laurel Forest are the invasive plant species that occupy the space and resources. It was with sadness that the film crew observed the dimension of this problem, but also with admiration that they saw the positive results achieved by the project in recovering large areas of Laurel.

One of the presents was the naturalist Iolo Williams, ornithologist and former technician of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in the UK, where he was also a colleague of Colin Bibby, one of the specialists who in the 90's made many studies about Priolo.

The team visited several areas of the SPA Pico da Vara / Ribeira do Guilherme as well as some other interesting points of the municipalities in the Nordeste and Povoação, having been surrendered to the charms of the Lands of Priolo.

If everything goes according to plan the series will be issued in January 2012, in a program dedicated to the Azores about the Priolo and about the cetaceans, with images collected in the island Pico.

Thanks for all your interest, all the sympathy and effort in order to put Priolo and all its magic on British television.

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