Monday, 19 September 2011

SPEA partnered with the 7th Education Week of Azores for Young Type 1 Diabetics

Last week in San Miguel was held a meeting framed in the Program of Prevention and Control of Diabetes and Obesity. This year's theme was "Intensive Glucose Control in Priolo Route" and for that matter the participants of this meeting had a great chellenge on August 29: a walking trail to Pico da Vara. On this tour we took 30 young people between patients, doctors and monitors to one of the most emblematic places of São Miguel.

The coordinator of this gathering was Dr. Rui Cesar who highlighted the role of physical activity and the importance of learning to live with this disease.

The tour began in the Peats of Graminhais where it was possible to show the work done by the Project LIFE Sustainable Laurel in the restoration of peat bogs, and from where the walk to the highest point of the island began. Along the way we presented the natural habitats of this area, and it was even possible to hear a Priolo. All participants, each at their own pace, successfully met this challenge.

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