Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Seeds and seeds...

With the begining of summer the natural forest begins to give fruits, berries and seeds. Over the months, different species of the Laurel Forest will gradually mature its fruits and berries, like the beech or simply release their seeds as with heather and various herbs. It is a time of plenty of food for birds such as Priolo which begins at this point to look for berries of the Azorean blueberry, its main food in late summer.

Beech berries

The various species give seeds at different times of the year: the first one was Heather, and right now the beech is already in the end also, while the azorean blueberry, the hawkbit and the laurel are now in full time. The azorean holly is one of the last as only now its famous berries are starting to get red.

The common heather will flower only in a few weeks

This is also a time of hard work for the entire project team, in addition to the usual tasks of controlling exotic blades of grass, it is also time to monitor the vegetation and to collect seeds for the plant nursery. The team is collecting different seeds to produce different plants that will in the future be planted in our areas of work to recover the Laurel Forest, and in some cases directly to the soil in areas where the density of exotic species was greater.

Collecting seeds of Laurel

Laurel fruits

The "seed time" is always a busy time and an essential one for the recovery of natural laurel forests, so that it continues to produce good results, and it is also a crucial time for Priolo that prepares to withstand the intense winter of the mountains.

Collecting fruits of Laurel

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