Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Tronqueira : A Treasure to unravel

In the last weekend, SPEA Azores has organized another activity for the public of the island of São Miguel and in which 13 nature lovers participated. The activity “Tronqueira – A treasure to unravel” was thought for those who have curiosity in knowing more about the original forest of Azores – The Laurel Forest – and habitat of Priolo (the Azores Bullfinch), as well as all the work done in 10 years by SPEA and partners, in São Miguel, to preserve Priolo.

The morning started a little cold and with a dime light but with the continuation the conditions improved with the shy sunlight rays and the enthusiasm of the participants.

The road of Tronqueira is one of the areas of São Miguel where one can still find areas of this fossil forest as well as some interventioned areas by the LIFE project that is concluding this summer, coordinated by SPEA in Azores – Sustainable Laurel. This project has several partners such as the Regional Government, through the actual Natural Resources Secretariat and the Municipality of Povoação.

In this activity, it was possible to observe the evolution of areas recovered in the previous LIFE Priolo project (concluded in 2008) and conservation actions in areas of forest of low-mid and high altitude. About 350 hectares have been targeted in 10 years of work. In both projects 150 thousand endemic and native plants  have been used in these areas, some of which were seen in this activity.

It was a morning well passed with children and adults and in which Priolo, a bird that sometimes hides from sight, has not appeared.

SPEA thanks all participants, specially those who join the montly suggestions of activities  more often.

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