Friday, 19 April 2013

5th grade students visit the Projects Greenhouse

On April 17, students from the 5th grade of the Escola Básica da Povoação visited the nurseries of the LIFE+ Sustainable Laurel Forest Project, located in povoação. This visit is part of the Priolo's Environmental Center (CAP) School Program and has often been conducting various activities on the importance of the natural habitats of the Azores, with schools of the municipalities of Povoação and Nordeste.

The students form the class 5ºB

The students had the opportunity to get to know the tasks performed in the nursery production of native plants, from the collection of fruits and seeds in the forest, the different treatments to which they are subjected to be sown. In the seed boxes it was possible to see the plants that germinated, fruit of this work.

The Students from the class 5ºA

After germination, it was explained to the students that these plants are moved to pots and containers where they stay for a certain amount of time, which varies to the plant's rate of growth, and where they get to develop under the optimum conditions of temperature and humidity provided by the greenhouse.

After this phase and after the plant has reached some size, these plants are placed outside for an adjustment period for the minimum time of 3 months, and only after that will these endemic and native plants be ready to be planted in the natural habitats that are being recovered by the project.

SPEA thanks the students and the teachers for the interest shown. This was another contribution of the CAP and of the Life Sustainable Laurel Forest Project, to raise awareness  in the students about the natural habitats of Azores.

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