Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Priolo Featured in a Seminar in Castro Verde

The Ornithological Tourism in the Azores and the socio-economic impact of conservation projects of Priolo and its habitat in the region, were yesterday, April 11, featured in the seminar organized in Castro Verde by the League for the Protection of Nature devoted to "Potential of ornithological tourism for sustainable development of rural areas in Portugal. "

The presentation was made by the coordinator of the LIFE Sustainable Laurel Forest Project, Joaquim Teodósio from SPEA, that beyond the potential of this region for tourism, addressed issues such as the result of ongoing work over the last decade, creating 20 jobs annually in the Counties of Nordeste and Povoação, over 150 regional companies already covered by the project itself and the impact on the GDP of the Azores, valued in 2008 at approximately € 350,000 of annual direct contribution.

Another aspect spoken was the process that led to the award of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism on the Lands of Priolo (counties of Nordeste and Povoação), as well as the Priolo Brand (who has registered 20 applications for membership from businesses).

The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism and the Priolo Brand are excellent examples of good practice in the management of nature and public participation, allied to local development, being the subject of interest from several participants of this seminar. These participatory processes ongoing in the Azores are still quite pioneering in Portugal.

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