Wednesday, 12 June 2013

SPEA celebrated International Biodiversity Day with an endemic plantation

SPEA celebrated in São Miguel island the International Biodiversity Day organizing an endemic plants plantation activity with the students of Teaching Centre of the Basic School of Povoação. With the help of the students from this center we were able to plant 500 endemic plants in one of the areas interventioned by the Life Sustainable Laurel Forest Project.

The Life Sustainable Laurel Forest Project has, throughout this school year, maintained a partnership with the Pedagogical Centre of Povoação which includes weekly volunteer work in the Projects nurseries.
Since the work usually done in the nursery are done, we went with this class of 10 students to the field in order for them to know one of the intervention areas of the LIFE Laurel Forest Project.

In the visited area they were intervened and controlled invasive species such as the Australian Cheesewood, the Ginger Lily and the Madeira Sweet Pepperbush. After applying the herbicide, plant by plant, it takes some time before planting, so that the herbicide action doesn't harm the plants.

So with enthusiasm and very tired at the end, these students planted about 500 plants, among laurel, Fayatree, Leontodon filii, Picconia and Azorean Plum Tree, some of the students even got blisters on both hands from grabing the hoe.

These visits aim to show in first hand to these students the work made by SPEA regarding the control of invasive species and then the planting. It should also be noted that some of the plants used in this plantation were pricked by these students.

SPEA thanks the collaboration and the availability of the Basic School of Povoação, which among many activities already pricked about 5000 plants and planted over 1000 in the intervention areas.

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