Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Ornithological Tourism actions held in São Miguel and Terceira

It was held last week in São Miguel and Terceira two editions of the Workshop "Potential and Development of Ornithological Tourism. Basics notions and recommendations for its implementation". These workshops were designed to establish a knowledge base on the subject that serves to train future professionals to integrate their activity in the ornithological tourism component, being administrative technicians, tourism or biology students, hoteliers, guides or businessmen of all types.

It is important to know in what this "new" activity consists to achieve a quality offer and have competent professionals, respectful of the environment and that undertake a sustainable activity. The workshops had a theoretical component and a day of field visit, that in São Miguel consisted on visiting the Priolo's Environmental Center.

It was possible for participants to know and understand some of the important issues in the development of this type of turism, beyond the great potential that exists in the Azores.

This action is part of the project IPOT - International ornithological tourism Project in protected areas in the Mediterranean 2011-2013 Leonardo da Vinci II, Innovation Transfer Project, 2011.

The organization was a partnership between SPEA and ART - Regional Tourism Association of the Azores, and counted with the support of the Bensaude Group.

Pictures by: Domingos Leitão

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