Monday, 30 January 2012

Visits from far and near by

Last week, the LIFE Laurissilva Project received Mr. Florian Schoene, responsible for the NABU’s Agriculture, an association dedicated to the study and conservation of birds in Germany (one of the biggest organizations in Europe) and representative of Birdlife in this country.

In vacation with his family in São Miguel for almost a month, the visits to the Priolo Interpretation Center and to the main recovery actions in Serra da Tronqueira were mandatory. Mr. Florian became familiar with the ongoing field work as well as with the results already achieved. The amusement was guaranteed with the presence of one of the youngest members of Schoene’s family, who had a lot of fun going through the Serra da Tronqueira.

The Priolo Interpretation Center also received the visit of a group of students and professors from the Escola Secundária de Ponte de Sor, who were passing by the “Terras do Priolo” and could not leave without visiting the center and knowing a bit more about the Azorian Bullfinch and its habitat.

We thank you all for the visit and hope that staying in São Miguel has exceeded all expectations.

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