Thursday, 19 January 2012

Three internships successfully concluded in S. Miguel

SPEA received during 2011 three interns, through the Estagiar L and T program of Autonomous Region of the Azores. Ana Mendonça, Ana Gonçalves and Fábio Rodrigues, contributed with success in different works of the SPEA’s projects in S.Miguel’s island.

SPEA benefited from their commitment, enthusiasm and dedication. This program proved to be valuable to both parts.

In the words of Ana Mendonça: “I lived an striking experience and had the opportunity to be a part of different SPEA’s projects that enriched my knowledge about biodiversity in general and avifauna in particular. I got the chance to perform rewarding tasks like organizing an exposition about bird bones, contacted with a variety of people and learn more about other projects developed by other entities.

Ana Mendonça and Fábio Rodrigues

I consider my experience in the internship to be positive and the Estagiar L Program an important contribution for the integration of young graduated people in the labor market. I’m satisfied and I recommend this program to anyone”.

Fábio Rodrigues says: “This work experience was unforgettable. SPEA has given us a good working environment and the opportunity to take part in many courses and activities. One of the most memorable events was the trip we did to Madeira’s Island to participate in the SPEA’s VII Ornithology Congress and I Macaronesia Ornithology Symposium.

In what concerns to the Estagiar Program, I have to refer that it is an important tool for young people that are about to start their professional life. The program is well-defined, with the necessary range to what could happen and to goals to achive”.

Fábio Rodrigues and Ana Gonçalves

In what concerns to Ana Gonçalves, she says: “SPEA is a reference and highlighted entity in the developed work on birds and their habitat conservation, as such I thank the opportunity to be part of their projects.
The Environmental Education is crucial to a conservation project, because it raises people’s awareness to the environmental problems and shows competence in the problems resolution.

Ana Gonçalves and Ana Mendonça

All through the internship, I had the opportunity to take part in different activities that enriched my knowledge, not only in the professional level, but in the personal one too. The contact with different publics that were in the activities payed off and the results obtained in population awareness, about the Laurel Forest and the Priolo in Azores, was very satisfying”.

The Estagiar Program is very valuable and important, since it provides a work experience for young graduated people and represents a boost in their integration on the labor market.

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