Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Spea and the Volunteering Tour Azores 2011

The Volunteering Tour Azores in 2011 will be held on 7, 8 and 9 October in S. Miguel, in Ponta Delgada. This tour will take place in the Salão of São José and in the Campo de São Francisco from 10h to 20h Friday and at 11h to 20h in the remaining days. This is an organization of the Regional Government and SPEA associated with it with a stand where you can find information about the work that is being developed in the Azores.

SPEA receives annually volunteers from Portugal and other European countries, volunteers that are seeking work-related causes in the environment and conservation, including the flora and fauna in Portugal.

It is in this light that SPEA participates in the Tour Volunteer Azores in 2011, taking the opportunity to show its work while raising volunteers for their causes.

The European Year of Volunteering (AEV) is both a celebration and a challenge. It is a celebration of the commitment of millions of Europeans who volunteer, leisure, work for free in their communities. The efforts of these volunteers and several thousand volunteer organizations are in many ways, a huge difference in our lives. The world would be worse off without volunteers! The AEV is also a challenge for three quarters of EU citizens who do not participate in any voluntary activity.

SPEA has developed several projects in which volunteers are key: the Census of Buzzards, the Common Birds Census, the Atlas of wintering birds, the Priolo Atlas, among others. Volunteers can also collaborate on projects of various tasks such as LIFE Sanctuary Islands for seabirds and LIFE Sustainable Laurel , making an important contribution to the conservation of important habitats and species of the Azores.

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