Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Visit to Graminhais celebrates World Wetlands Day

We celebrated on February 2nd the World Wetlands Day. The Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds (SPEA), under the LIFE+ Sustainable Laurel Forest Project, associated to these commemorations organizing a guided visit to Planalto dos Graminhais to make this important natural area and wetland of the São Miguel Island Natural Park known, as well as the work done to its recovery.

The meeting point was at the parking lot of Ribeira dos Caldeirões, Achada do Nordeste, following the trip to Planalto dos Graminhais. Two families participated in this activity that were delighted with the chance to spent the morning outdoors.

During the visit to this important natural area, the participants got to know the intervention area of the Life Sustainable Laurel Forest Project, walking on the trail that covers this area and saw the recovery of the peatbogs.

It was also possible to see some species of birds that already started to be seen regularly in this area: Common snipe and Common Teal.

We thank all the participants the interest demonstrated in the work of recovery developed in this area and for their participation in this activity.

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