Friday, 20 May 2011

Executive Meeting presents the work done with the exotic and invasive plant species

On 11st May, we held the 10th Meeting of Executive Board of the Project LIFE Sustainable Laurel, at the headquarters of Miramar building in the municipality of Povoação.

On the agenda of the meeting was the presentation of the progress on the Planalto dos Graminhais as well as the Greenhouse and Plant Nursery of the project.

One of the topics of this meeting was the presentation of the work with the control of invasive and exotic plants in the areas of natural forest, where they were addressed in the work zone of Malhada and Labaçal.

The day culminated with a visit to the area of Labaçal, where members of the Executive Board were able to observe firsthand the work done on site. In this area, we already completed the control of Yellow ginger lilly, and we are now trying to control the Australian Cheesewood and the subsequent action is to plant endemics in the open spaces.
This work will take place in the last quarter of 2011.

It was possible to verify the natural recovery of some sites after the removal of the exotic plants.
Small heather will naturally occupy some of the spaces now free, and the larger plants now have room to grow. Good signs of recovery in an area that was once close to disappearing between the Yellow ginger lilly and the Australian cheesewood.

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