Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Project has a new Area of Germination!

During the year 2010 many seeds were collected for which there was no room, once they reached the stage of germination. Thus, we proceeded to build a new experimental area of germination of endemic plants in the area of Pico de Vereda - Labaçal.

32 plant beds were built mostly for Heather and Azorean holly, seeds that were in stock. We surrounded the area of germination with a safety net, meant to keep rabbits out, and in addition was created a drainage ditch for the possible excess of water. The area was thus enriched with the establishement of the new area of plant germination, it serves to improve the planting area and also increase the production of plants.

The whole area can be visited and is useful in environmental education for schools and the general public. Visite us! contacte the Environmental Center of Priolo through centropriolo@spea.pt

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