Monday, 28 February 2011

9th Meeting of the Executive Committee - Review of 2010

On January 19, all entities involved in the Project-LIFE Sustainable Laurel participated in the meetings of the executive committee of the project, to get informed about the state of implementation of the actions contemplated until then, other than the ones observed on the field the previous day.

The meeting was attended by the Regional Director of Environment, which recognized the limitations of the project, financially wise, for the dimensions of the threats faced, but considered it a success and proved to be very satisfied with the results.

The balance for 2010 was considered, in general, as very encouraging and created huge expectations for this year 2011, where major developments are expected in the majority of the shares.

"The goal was to try to recover the largest possible area, but due to the funding assigned to the project, the aim is to make an effective attack in the two municipalities with the highest incidence, so that the results are positive in the preservation of what we have of endemic in the Azores ", said John Bettencourt. in Diary of the Azores

"The results are very positive. In the nursery and greenhouse there are about 40,000 endemic species, which are being planted in areas like Serra da Tronqueira and Graminhais, and to replace the invasive flora that has proliferated throughout the islands of the archipelago." in Diary of the Azores

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